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The creator of Nona Luisa brands is me, Katjuša, the one on the picture above:) . I came from Kozana, in Brda’s hill region, and I am a true ecologist by heart and education. Throughout my studies and even later, when I focused my research on toxicology, I became aware of the ingredients we are constantly in contact with. Therefore I started to check also the commercial available cosmetics products, which were mostly filled with synthetic ingredients, potentially dangerous on our health. Ingredients, that trigger allergies (which I was prone to) and irritate the skin.

Also, as an ecologist I was researching the impact of the commercially available cosmetics products on the environment. I came to the conclusion that the petroleum based ingredients; the technological processes, unrecyclable packaging etc. are a huge burden for our earth.

Taking in consideration all of the above, I started to search for natural remedies and creating cosmetics out of ingredients, which I believe are safe. In my recipes I started to use virgin olive oil more and more. I was delighted by the effects; therefore I was inspired to create more and more products with this simple ingredient. And in my research for new recipes I was focused on locally produced raw material and ingredients.

In 2012 was born the Nona Luisa’s trademark. The name of the brand is symbolic and derives from a simple fact that both of my grannies where named Alozija, nicknamed Lojzka (Luisa). Our grandmothers were well aware and keen on producing homemade cosmetics, but with the arrival of the synthetics ingredients all the knowledge was forgot or even lost. Nevertheless Nona Luisa’s products are made with the lost knowledge combined with modern discoveries in pharmacology and toxicology.

In 2013 I opened my Nona Luisa’s crafts shop in Šmartno, beautiful medieval town in my beloved Brda’s hills. I furnished my shop in an old fashion style by recycling discarded cupboards and antique items. By doing so, I enriched tourist options in this small village. Among a nice variety of products my shops offers also workshops on natural cosmetics, that helps me to raise awareness about natural cosmetics.

In NONA LUISA’s crafts shop you can find:

Natural soapsbased on virgin olive oil and enriched with herbs, wine, essential oils tec. With regular use of NONA LUISA’s soap bars the skins looks heathier and brighter.

Natural creams, oiments and lipbalmsare based on oil macerates infused with different herbs. For the consistency of my product I use natural beeswax. Such products are hydrating and conditioning. The skin is protected, nursed and heathy.

Lavender productsfragrance bags filled with homegrown lavender, lavender essential oil and hydrosol.

Deodorants, repelentsand a lot more to find.

Bath bombs and saltsmade of magnesium salts and scented exclusively with essential oils for heavenly bath moments (relaxing, soothing etc.).

In the NONA LUISA shop you can find also exceptional wine liqueurs. RUBIN-based on merlot with the addition of berries. OLIVIN-wine liqueur infused with olives. LAVANDIN-the lavender scented calming wine liqueurs. All of them are waiting for you to be tasted.

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