Media and press

  • article in Briški Časnik nr. 69/13/zima 2012 on page 46. You can find the article  HERE .
  • article in Primorski dnevnik saturday 09.march 2013  nr. 57 na page 14: MILA IZ OLJA, REBULE, KOPRIV, FIG…You can find the article HERE.
  • NEDELO, 10.marec 2013, na strani 27:  KO IZ KOPALNICE ZADIŠI PO KAVI. The article is available HERE.
  • DNEVNIK, 12.march 2013: STE SI ŽE POSKUSILI UMITI ROKE Z REBULO, FIGAMI….you can find the article  HERE.
  • article in Briškem Časniku number 70/13/pomlad 2013 on page 32. The magazine is available HERE .
  • PRIMORSKE NOVICE , 11.may 2013, v sobotni prilogi:  NARAVNA MILA, KI RAZVAJAJO VSA ČUTILA.
  • in Briškem Časniku number 72/13 jesen 2013 on page 56. The magazine is available  HERE
  • The review and impression of Šmartno and my little shop trough the eyes of an russian Tourist HERE
  • in the german magazine SPIEGL, available HERE
  • publication in an dutch tourist web side, the article is available HERE
  • publication on Travel valley, the article is available HERE
  • in the TV show NA LEPŠE, available HERE…you can find me on the 19,20 min

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