We believe that our beauty could be emphasized with the simple help of the NATURE without dangerous chemicals, which could endanger our health and infect our Mother Earth.

All NONA LUISA products meet the following criteria and principles:

  • Made of 100% natural ingredients.
  • Made of highly quality, ecological and mostly homemade ingredients.
  • All of them are vegetarian friendly; most of them are also vegan friendly products.
  • None of the used ingredients was tested on animals.
  • We carefully choose the ingredients to be as much as possible nourishing, effective and healing.
  • Contain just natural coloring and perfumes.
  • Cold processed to maintain as much of the original ingredient’s properties.
  • Free of palm oil, mineral oils and parabens.
  • The products are packed manually in ecological packaging to ensures maximum durability of the active ingredients and products properties.
  • Handmade with caring love.

The creator of these products, Katjuša-a bachelor in environmental technology, constantly upgrades hers knowledge following all the latest trends which defines the modern lifestyle to ensures that Nona Luisa’s products are effective, useful and nourishing as much as possible.